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The Human Society and its Environment Faculty at Kincumber High School offers a broad range of subjects. Following is a list of courses offered under the HSIE umbrella, including the stage 6 courses of Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Modern History, History Extension, Retail Services VET, Society and Culture, Transition To Work and Work Studies.

Stage 4 and 6 courses include Geography (mandatory), History (mandatory), Commerce (elective) and International Studies (elective).

The HSIE staff at Kincumber High School is highly credentialed, with approximately 70% being employed by the Board of Studies as Senior Markers, Markers or Examination Committee Assessors for the HSC and SC.  HSIE staff also give presentations to teachers across the state in terms of reviewing past HSIE HSC papers and developing strategies to improve the academic results of all students.

Excursions are organised for those students presenting for HSIE courses that require compulsory attendance, such as fieldwork and historical site studies.

The central goal for the HSIE faculty is to deliver educational programs and material in such a way as to add value to student results.  This can be verified through the analysis of value added data and school results packages (smart data).  The delivery of HSIE course material also incorporates modern technology, and every HSIE classroom is fitted with roof mounted data projectors, speakers and wireless internet access.