Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Lawyers
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Q. Will I be granted bail?

A. Possibly. Sometimes, the police will grant you bail while awaiting a court appearance.

In other times, the court may grant you one of several types of bail such as a simple bail agreement, conditional that you show up in court and do not repeat an offense, while at other times, you may be granted home confinement bail, where you agree not to leave the house.

At the same time, if the offense is too great, or that the court feels you will likely commit another Sydney Criminal Lawyer or be dangerous to the community, you may be denied bail.

Q. I’ve heard of a section 10 offense where the court doesn’t punish you. What is it?

A. Section 10 is a part of the Australian sentencing provisions where the court does find you guilty of an offense but does not enter a conviction into your criminal record.

In many cases, a section 10 conviction is a best-case scenario because you do not have a criminal record and it does not affect your future employment.

Q. Can you be given a community service sentence instead of going to prison?

Yes, you can, and again, this is often a win-win for both the Crown Prosecutor and the accused. Given a choice of a few hundred hours of community service or a lengthy prison sentence, community service is the better option. It saves the taxpayer money and still allows offenders to feel amply punished.

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