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About us

Metro Transport Australia is your transportation partner in the truck hire Sydney Area. Metro Transport is the number one carting service in Australia and with 15 years of experience.

As a leader in truck transportation in Sydney, we strive to deliver the best possible combination of service and price in the industry.

In our 15 years of business, we have safely and proudly delivered thousands of truckloads, and we treat your precious cargo as if it were our own.

We have the expertise and dedication to provide you with the best service and on-time deliveries available in the Sydney area.

We use powerful but economical and reliable trucks, maintained in a rigorous fashion and whether you need a flatbed, a truck to carry your forklift, deliver your crane to a worksite, or fill a truck with pallets we are the trucking company for you.

We are extremely customer orientated and can offer you every type of trucking support you will ever need. Our priority is in taking the time to thoroughly understand your trucking and shipping needs, and we do this in a personalized manner.

We offer friendly, custom-tailored solutions, and we do this in a friendly manner so that each experience with us is pleasant. Our end goal is to establish confidence in our customers that they can count on consistently 365 days per year.

Time and time again our customers comment that they will not use any other trucking company in Sydney because we are so reliable. There are many trucking companies in Sydney but only one Metro Transport.

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When you need a safe, consistently reliable, and knowledgeable trucking companies in Sydney, there is really no choice if you want the best… Metro Transport.

In business for over 15 years, Metro Transport is by far the biggest truck carrier in Sydney.

But we became number 1 in the Sydney area, through one overriding principle:

Offer the best trucking service at the best and most competitive prices, be consistently professional and polite, and do this 365 days a year so our customers always feel there is no other choice than to choose Metro Transport.

Consistency and reliability are Metro Transports’ claim to fame. We have successfully delivered thousands upon thousands of truckloads safely like they were our own, and our drivers are some of the best.

They are always timely, alert, courteous, and they will ensure your precious cargo is delivered on time.